Call for projects Somfy x Le Village
Call for projects Somfy x Le Village


Somfy Group is present in 58 countries through its 13 brands and 6,500 employees. It is the trusted, useful and long-lasting partner for the automation of openings and closings in homes and buildings.
Within the Innovation and Customer Insights team, the mission is to accelerate innovation at Somfy. 


The collaboration with Le Village by CA des Savoie, a totem structure for supporting start-ups in the Savoie region, is one of the markers of Somfy's open innovation system. The call for projects will enable Somfy to enrich their vision of market trends and innovative solutions. It also allows internal project leader to capture and discover concepts that can be integrated into developments of existing or future solutions and services. 


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The call for projects will focus on two major themes: sustainable development and digitization. These challenges are both strong opportunities for innovation today and at the heart of Somfy's strategy. Their reinforced CSR approach aims to reduce their environemental footprint, with an emphasis on the digitization of solutions which is also at the heart of innovation initiatives.


Sustainable Development 



Eligibility Criteria

​​​​​Be consistent with Somfy's 4 pillars

• Improvement of the living environment for all.

• Reduce environmental impact.

• Respect of the consumer.

• Employee engagement.



Meet one of the following expectations

• Generate new business for Somfy.

• Improve the customer experience.

• Provide efficiency and fluidity of processes for employees. 



Solutions or concepts sought

• Product or service innovation.

• Already existing and mastered technology (MVP, POC).

• Process evolution for improvement of experience and/or internal and/or external efficiency.

• GDPR Compliance.


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Alice Jacquemin 
Manager of Le Village by CA des Savoie



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